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Articulating Cultural Identity
Support a heritage that is being kept alive by artisans under adverse circumstances
Artisan Collective
We are committed to ensuring that the artisans who make the product are paid a fair price
India Abundant
Over 1000 mindfully curated or co-created hand-crafted treasures made in India
Curated Craft Trails
Collaborating with over 100 Master Craftsmen and Women and as many craft traditions

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The vast scope of art in India is inseparably woven with the cultural histo..
Athithi Devo Bhava, an extract from ancient scriptures, describes the attit..


We are committed to paying the artisans a fair price and ensure that upto 70% of what we earn goes back to the artisans. We work with several organisations who engage people with disabilities, or work with underprivileged women, or tribal communities to produce craft that secures a source of livelihood for them. We believe in promoting organic, eco-friendly products, and encourage sustainable fashion.

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What really fuels our passion for bringing you the best of hand-crafted products is the testimonials from our patrons. A simple line of encouragement goes a long way in wanting to do better with every step forward.


We constantly strive to bring you products that are unique and bring out the best of the craft and the craftsmen and women. Every product is mindfully curated or co-created hoping to find a place in your home and take its story forward.

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