The festive season is here and with it many occasions to dress up and celebrate with friends and family.  Find inspiration for your look this season in the enthralling world of art. Here are 10 looks you can glean from the masters.

1. Styling a Saree inspired by Jamini Roy 

The spirited Jamini Roy made a determined shift from his western trained style to a modern style influenced by Bengali folk traditions. Why not style your saree differently? Featured here is a vibrant blue and magenta handloom cotton saree. 

2. Nomadic Jewellery inspired by Narayan Shridhar Bendre

Born in Indore and inspired by his alma mater, the State Art School of Indore, Bendre’s early work was classified as academic and impressionist. He later experimented with his version of pointillism as seen in the painting below. Team solid colours with a sensational piece of jewellery like the nomadic neckpieces featured here.

3. Jhumki – inspired by Niloufer Wadia

Upcoming Indian artist Niloufer Wadia’s paintings of women have been likened to a fairytale, “a place where everything is brimming with life, passion and happiness.” Bring the fairytale to life, this season with traditional handcrafted delicate earrings like the ones featured here. Keeping your neck bare will draw the eye to the craftsmanship and intricate design like the ones featured here.

4. Tribal Jewellery – Anup Giri

The centre of the gifted artist Anup Giri’s universe is Indian tribal population especially in the eastern hills and Himalayan mountains. Add some Bohemian charm to your western wear with a quirky antique neckpiece sourced from tribal people from the central and eastern India. Featured here are bells refashioned into a chunky neckpiece that would work perfectly with a tunic and slim fit jeans.

5. Geometric prints – inspired by S.H. Raza

A founder member of the Progressive Artists’ Group, artist S.H. Raza was instrumental in developing a modernist language in Indian art. Preoccupied with imminent energies, most of his paintings are geometric designs with a central focal point (Bindu) – a fountainhead of both energy and creativity. Let your creativity loose with geometric prints in traditional ethnic wear – like the Raza inspired Chanderi Silk saree featured here.

6.  Stone Jewellery - Shipra Bhattacharya

Kolkata artist, Shipra Bhattacharya’s paintings often depict the feminine figure encased in mystery. Oftentimes the focal point of the art is not so much the form of the woman but her inner consciousness. Add a touch of glamour for those evening soirees with a mesmerizing stone necklace like the Black Onyx Choker Necklace featured here.

7. Designer Nosepins - Thota Vaikuntam

Artist, Thota Vaikuntam loved to portray simple pastoral scenes and especially village women. His muse is the sensuous and voluptuous women of Telangana with their omnipresent vermillion bindis. Bring your sensuality alive with a nosepin or nathni this season. You can choose from a range of intricately designed nosepins here.

8. Vintage Jewellery - Ramananda Bandyopadhyay

Bandyopadhyay’s paintings, typical of the Bengal School, capture the simplicity and grace of a bygone era.  Bring back the delicate and graceful charm of an age gone by with a vintage necklace. The Ghoomar Haar featured here is a Mewari silver necklace worn specifically to appease the goddess Parvati and was something every little girl aspired towards.

9. Bright Hues - Thota Vaikuntam

Artist Thota Vaikuntam’s simple charcoal and pencil sketches often contrasted the dusky complexion of the village women with their bright sarees. Forget the blacks and greys, this season, and let your bright saree signal the start of the festivities. Featured here are silk cotton and cotton handloom sarees in vibrant festive hues.

10. Fusion - Amrita Sher-Gil

Amrita Sher-Gil born to a Sikh aristocrat and Hungarian Jewish opera Singer in 1913, grew to known as “one of the greatest avant-garde women artists of the early 20th century”. Her blend of western and traditional art forms earned her the title “India’s Frida Kahlo”. Capture the spirit of fusion with these Bhagalpuri woven cotton dupattas that can be teamed with trousers or a sleeveless dress.