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15 Dec An Age has Passed me By
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An interview with Pir Md. Kawwal of Fatehpur SikriIn one corner at the Darwaaza to Salim Chistis’ Dargah, I found an old man sitting with his harmonium and singing. Singing beautifully. You could list..
01 Jan OIO Brand Ambassador - Barnalee Sarkar
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Barnalee Sarkar has been practicing and studying Indian classical dances for over 30 years. Formerly a student of Nrityagram founded by the late Pratima Gauri, who has been an enduring influence in he..
10 Dec Vaghri - The search for an identity
NatashaAcharya 7 9254
Vaghri - The search for an identity by Natasha C Acharya (copyright@natashacacharya2016)Different Names and Origin StoriesVaghri is the term used to identify wandering tribes originating from Gujarat...
03 Apr Bani Thani of Kishangarh
NatashaAcharya 2 9665
In the 18th century the art of miniature painting had become quite popular in the Rajput states. Ateliers were maintained not only at the courts of the Rajput rulers, but artists were also in the empl..
18 Oct 10 Inspired Looks This Season
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The festive season is here and with it many occasions to dress up and celebrate with friends and family.  Find inspiration for your look this season in the enthralling world of art. Here are 10 looks ..
01 Feb The Ajrak Legacy
NatashaAcharya 1 411
India's recorded history of clothing goes back to the Indus Valley Civilisation where cotton was spun, woven and dyed. Around the 1st century AD, new trade routes created a cultural exchange with Cent..
28 Jan Trend Talk
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Home and Decor Feature - Bangalore Magazine - April 2013...
03 May The Story of the Saree - 2
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(Please note this blog article has been edited from Vimla Patil’s article “The Origin of the Saree”, July 2012 and is being published as a series. Part 2 follows the blossoming of the textile industry..
10 Mar The Buried Township of Kiradu
NatashaAcharya 1 1507
The Temples of KiraduAbout 43 kilometers west of Barmer in Rajasthan lie the ruins of five temples in a picturesque amphitheatre of hills. These temples date back to circa 1000 A.D. and later. Though ..
14 Apr Folk and Tribal Art of Bengal
NatashaAcharya 0 3431
Folk art has many forms in India but it is only in recent years that it has received its due attention. In a nation that comprises 35 states, each distinct cultural and traditional identity is display..
01 Feb Chanderi - The Sufi Weave
NatashaAcharya 0 562
Chanderi is an old fortified town nestled between the hills alongside Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh. It does not even have a train station, but the fame and glory of its weave is known to all the worl..
11 May Tamra Patra
NatashaAcharya 0 1019
Copper, one of the earliest elements known to man, was said to be discovered in Iraq about 9,000 B.C. The word copper originated from the Latin language (Cuprus).The making of copper and brass vessels..
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