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Dhokra Bell Metal Engraved Bangles - Set of 3

Dhokra Bell Metal Engraved Bangles - Set of 3
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Dhokra Bell Metal Engraved Bangles - Set of 3
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Handcrafted tribal bell metal engraved bangles - set of 3

Material: Bell metal (alloy of copper and tin)

Care instructions: Avoid exposure to moisture. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth after use.

Dhokra uses one of the earliest known methods of metal casting in history known as the lost wax technique to cast various crafts in bell metal. Craftsmen and women use either clay or wax moulds. Since each mould can only be used once,  each handcrafted piece is truly unique. The craft retains a primitive simplicity and an instinctive creativity. The art form is practiced in several states like Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Kerala. Dhokra crafts from each region retain their own distinctive character.

The bangles featured here are from West Bengal and have been hand-engraved.