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10 Dec Vaghri - The search for an identity
NatashaAcharya 6 4713
Vaghri - The search for an identity by Natasha C Acharya ([email protected])Different Names and Origin StoriesVaghri is the term used to identify wandering tribes originating from Gujarat...
10 Mar The Buried Township of Kiradu
NatashaAcharya 1 876
The Temples of KiraduAbout 43 kilometers west of Barmer in Rajasthan lie the ruins of five temples in a picturesque amphitheatre of hills. These temples date back to circa 1000 A.D. and later. Though ..
10 Dec Sikri, Shukri, Fatehpur Sikri
admin 0 584
Around 1527, after defeating Rajputana’s Rana Sanga, Babar passed through Sikri, returning thanks (Shukriya) to God for his fateful victory and renamed Sikri as Shukri. Nothing remains of the pavilion..
03 Jan Ancient Temples of Rajasthan
admin 0 669
ANCIENT TEMPLES OF RAJASTHANDATING FROM 3RD - 15TH CENTURY ADSTYLE / AGETEMPLELOCATIONFEATURESMauryanHathi BadaBairatOnce a circular Buddhist temple, only the foundation remains.3 - 4 th century ADsou..
03 Oct Kemmangundi - The Journey
admin 0 578
It was decided that I, my hubby Soumya, and a friend Pradeep would drive through the night in our trusted Maruti 800 to Kemmangundi. Friday night's the night. Reservations were made, camera rolls boug..
03 Jan Bhutan - The Lost Shangri-La
NatashaAcharya 0 534
We were there for three nights and four days. A fact which will not allow this post to be anything more than a passing observation.I did some amount of reading on Bhutan before I went on the trip and ..
03 Feb Rajasthan Diaries
admin 0 773
JaisalmerJaisalmer is so beautiful. It is completely overwhelming.I like the fact that even new buildings are being made with the same old architecture and design. The sculpting still remains. And the..
17 Aug Leh and Ladakh
NatashaAcharya 0 444
Disclaimer#The word "spectacular" and "stunning" will make appearances in my post with as much frequency as "amen" in the Bible. Please excuse.#The distances are mostly accurate, plus or minus 1/2 km...
29 Aug Kingdom of Magadh
admin 0 2434
Bihar is one of the largest producers of handicrafts and handloom fabric and that is primarily because of its rich heritage and glorious past. A journey back in time reveals that the modern day state ..
11 May Kingdom of Mithila
admin 0 1073
Towards the latter part of the Vedic Age, the kingdom of Videha emerged as the new center of Vedic culture. King Janaka is attributed to be the ruler under whom Videha rose to its prominence. This pro..
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