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15 Dec An Age has Passed me By
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An interview with Pir Md. Kawwal of Fatehpur SikriIn one corner at the Darwaaza to Salim Chistis’ Dargah, I found an old man sitting with his harmonium and singing. Singing beautifully. You could list..
03 Apr Travel Memoirs of a 9 Year Old
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It was the autumn of 1984. I had just turned 9. A trip to “Haridwar-Kedarnath-Badrinath” had been planned. My father (Baba), Mother (Ma), my elder sister (Didi) and me.I rememberGoing on the train. I ..
14 Apr An interview with Yashoda
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I am a shepherd girl. Since the time I could walk, I have been shepherding goats. I would be out in the desert all day and return to my village when the sun went down. That was my life.When I was 10 y..
16 Nov Rahul - naam to suna hoga
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Did I tell you about the little boy I met in Shekhawati? Rahul. Yes, like all hindi film heros, Rahul. My guide for Shekhawati. I picked him up at Mandawa and from then on he tagged along with me.A te..
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