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03 Apr Bani Thani of Kishangarh
NatashaAcharya 1 9218
In the 18th century the art of miniature painting had become quite popular in the Rajput states. Ateliers were maintained not only at the courts of the Rajput rulers, but artists were also in the empl..
11 May Tamra Patra
NatashaAcharya 0 782
Copper, one of the earliest elements known to man, was said to be discovered in Iraq about 9,000 B.C. The word copper originated from the Latin language (Cuprus).The making of copper and brass vessels..
14 Apr Folk and Tribal Art of Bengal
NatashaAcharya 0 3052
Folk art has many forms in India but it is only in recent years that it has received its due attention. In a nation that comprises 35 states, each distinct cultural and traditional identity is display..
31 Mar The Art of Wearing a Square
NatashaAcharya 0 384
The pocket square, peeking from the breast pocket of a well-cut suit, has become the defining style element in every gentleman's wardrobe. So how did the little piece of cloth gain such prominence in ..
21 Mar Wooden Dolls of Nutangram
NatashaAcharya 0 1467
West Bengal is one of India's foremost traditional craft producers. One such craft is doll-making. In West Bengal alone dolls are crafted from wood, metal, sponge wood, palm leaf, jute etc. Originally..
22 Feb A Glorious Past - Indian Cotton
NatashaAcharya 0 469
The looms of India's cotton handloom industry have woven fabric that clothed people all over the world, its history beginning almost five centuries ago. Pieces of cotton thread emerged from excavation..
20 Jan Discovering 'Wild Silk'
NatashaAcharya 0 523
Beautifully sprawled out on the southern banks of the ganges is the silk city of India, Bhagalpur. Known as Bhagdatpuram (city of good luck) during the Angan Kingdom, Bhagalpur is famous for its textu..
11 Jan Kalpatharu - The Virtuous Tree
NatashaAcharya 0 1056
In India, trees are sacred and are associated with different gods and goddesses revealing the nature of the fruit and its importance in daily life and ritual. The banana tree is commonly associated wi..
07 Dec The Rapturous Wrap
NatashaAcharya 0 262
Enhancement pieces in the world of fashion are items that have the power to enhance an outfit rather than overwhelm it and the simple scarf neatly fits into this category. But what is little known is ..
06 Oct Mahishasura-Mardini
NatashaAcharya 0 895
The Mahishasura-Mardini form of goddess Durga prevails over all her other forms and this is the form most often depicted in votive art. In fact, it is in this form of Durga Maa that her aesthetic beau..
11 Aug Khara-Chuna: Block Printing
NatashaAcharya 0 1033
Block Printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking, evidence of its existence dating back to the fifth century BC, with roots in India, China and Japan. Over the ages many different techniques h..
21 Apr The Story of the Saree - 1
admin 0 455
(Please note this blog article has been edited from Vimla Patil’s article “The Origin of the Saree”, July 2012 and will be published as a series)The saree is one of the world’s oldest and perhaps the ..
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