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Roshana - Vintage Nomadic Pendant

Roshana - Vintage Nomadic Pendant
Roshana - Vintage Nomadic Pendant
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Vintage nomadic pendant

Material: Coin Metal 

This pendant is an original vintage piece of jewellery. Centuries ago, each Spring, pastoral nomads from the mountains of Afghanistan made a migratory journey that ended in the Indus Valley. These tribal people, known as the Kuchis or Kochis (meaning migration in Persian and nomad in the Afghan Dari language) exchanged the produce of their livestock for grain and fruit as they traveled along. In the ‘60s, these long-distance migrations were stopped due to political changes and stricter borders. Natural disasters and drought dwindled the livelihood of these nomadic people leading them to sell off their exquisitely designed jewellery, something every Kuchi woman was bedecked with. These minutely detailed handcrafted pieces are original vintage pieces of jewellery that have been refashioned into statement jewellery. A collector’s delight, each piece of jewellery is a part of the centuries-old nomadic heritage.

Please note: Since this is an original vintage pendant, there may be missing stones or minor defects. The jewellery is more than a 100 years old and such defects are to be expected. However, it will look exactly like the image featured here.